Performance Motivation, Inc.  provides personal development and motivational resources for business and individuals.  Plus, we add coaching–so you Achieve Goals Faster!

Our Mission: “Getting people to live their dreams”

It’s for those who want to:

Be more successful
Create real results with change that’s lasting
Gain greater control over their life and improve their situation
Achieve peak performance and get the most out of life


The Success-Motivation® International (SMI®) programs, that I use in my practice, are the very finest self-development programs ever created.  They are, by far, the best personal development programs in the world.

What sets us apart is: The goal setting program is a life changing solution.  And, this system is known to increase individual success and motivation over a person’s entire lifetime.

If you are not now making the progress you want and are capable of, this program will help you change this.  We add a success coach to make it work; because, “most people left to their own devices will fail.”

This is achievement coaching with tools and technologies to close achievement gaps and these methods work.

These personal and professional development programs from SMI® are used world-wide, in over 60 countries (in over ten languages).

Millions of people, for over fifty-two years and five months, have used these SMI® programs and created an extraordinary life—achieving their ultimate goals and experiencing the true fulfillment they desire.  Using these success systems you too can achieve your ultimate goals and live the life you really want.


Everyone is already successful in life, by some measure , but, you can always improve, right?

So, it’s for anyone who wants to improve their situation.  And, it’s also for those who want to be Top Performers.


Top Performers in all fields practice and use excellent coaches.  Are you?

Leaders are in the minority simply because average people are willing to tolerate and stay in their current state.

This is for those who want to change, to achieve, to be tops and lead the field.


You’ll create lasting change; this system is known to increase individual success and motivation over a person’s entire lifetime.


“You can create and live your dreams now—but will you?”

Are you ready to live life on your terms?
If you are not achieving all that you want, think you should be, and are capable of, then you are encouraged to
Act now; because, it’s — You Vs. Time, and Time is unrelenting in his quest to win.”


“Helping people live better lives” is what Performance Motivation, Inc.  does.



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